Why Choose our Direct Primary Care Program?

By becoming part of this affordable and valuable program you receive all-inclusive care and enjoy many significant benefits beyond the traditional practice:

Convenience and Peace of Mind

  • Preferred scheduling for office visits

  • Easily and quickly communicate with me via text, cell phone, email, video (at no extra charge)

  • Discuss urgent concerns nights and weekends

  • All visits and procedures always with me, your personal doctor

  • Avoid taking time off with virtual visits

  • Immediate attention – not delaying medical care and for peace of mind

  • Home visits as appropriate (additional fee)


  • Trusted doctor who knows you well

  • More time with me can result in less need and costs for specialists

  • Help navigating the complex health system and finding the lowest cost medications

  • Integrated primary care & coordinated care with specialists

  • Keep your PCP even if insurance changes


  • No copays or deductibles to pay our office

  • Save time and expense of unnecessary ER or urgent care

  • Less chance of needing ER or hospital care

  • Predictable primary care costs + transparency

  • May save on premiums, discounted lab + imaging fees – and put those savings towards your membership (if high deductible plans or no insurance)

  • Coming soon: low cost generic medications dispensed in the office

Proactive Care

  • More time to address multiple concerns + complex issues

  • Address issues before they worsen

  • Emphasis on lifestyle changes + prevention – identifying issues that may lead to problems later on

  • Individualized approach to cancer and disease screenings

  • Streamline and minimize medication use

Medical services included with membership

All Total Family Wellness medical care PLUS:

  • Yearly comprehensive physical

  • Joint and soft tissue injections (cost of injectable medication excluded)

  • Liquid nitrogen treatment

  • Shave excisions

  • Excisional biopsies

  • Office-based EKGs, urinalysis, strep test, pregnancy test

* Vaccines are not included because of their cost.  If you wish to have vaccines done at our office they will be given to you at our cost and billed separately.

Doing the math

For those with a high deductible health plan or no insurance at all, the Direct Primary Care Program option can offer you significant cost savings.

A new patient visit cost is $120 (average).  However, if you decide to become a Direct Primary Care program member, your new patient visit PLUS all of your follow up visits, either in-person or by phone, text or email are all included for the next 3 months for $180 — total [based on average member fee]. You get all the benefits PLUS a wholesale discount on any labs outside of our office. You may continue as a member as long as you want after your initial 3 month period.

Direct Primary Care Program fees

Signing up for our Direct Primary Care Program is super simple!

Enroll online here or call our office. You can sign up your whole family all at once.

For questions, please call us at 772-460-9811.